Frequently Asked Questions

1. Why teach private yoga lessons?
Traditionally, yoga is taught one-on-one and allows the yoga teacher
to address specific needs for an individual student. Read Mark
Whitwell’s book, “Yoga of Heart” to learn more.

2. Who is the ideal yoga student?
Trinity Yoga Alaska welcomes anyone seeking personalized yoga
instruction, including people with mobility issues, shy people, and

3. How can I schedule a yoga lesson with Rocky?
Our private yoga lessons are scheduled at a day and time that is
convenient for both student and teacher. Please call 907-321-7625 or
email to schedule a lesson.

4. Where are private lessons taught?
Trinity Yoga Alaska lessons can be taught at you home, office or a
rented space of our choosing.

5. What style of yoga do you teach?
Rocky was trained in the Hatha yoga style with an emphasis on
loving kindness, safety and alignment.

6. How often should a person practice yoga?
Judith Hanson Lasater, an innovative yoga teacher and writer says
that a person should practice yoga whenever they want to feel good.